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Apart from sewing another hobby of mine is reading. I love reading just ask my mum and she will tell you how strong my relationship with books is. My earliest memory of reading books is bedtime stories with my mum. She used to read me stories before going to sleep and when i learnt how to read i would read the stories to her.

Through out out my childhood i always had more than one book on my bedside table and sometimes the books would be in several languages!

There are lots of book sites available but one that i particulary like is Goodreads where you can share book recommendations with your friends. You can rate and review the books you read, and search for books ( a bit like amazon) and find what other people have said about the book. I think its great and i love this site! There are crafty books there too LOL. So if you are a bookworm join in and let’s be friends here is my profile so we can recommend great books to one another!

Oh and if you are in Dubai and want a good bookshop head over to Book World by Kinokuniya in Dubai Mall. Its  the biggest bookshop in Dubai and its book heaven! J000 could have easily spent the whole day there had it not been for the kids getting bored and getting up to no good lol

I bought a couple of sewing books there will talk about them in another post.

I plan on getting some sewing done today! I found a tutorial for a diaper pouch. When i take Dania out i dont need to take that much just a couple of diapers and wet wipes. I am excited about sewing this so i can ditch the diaper bag.

I am officially moving to Sew Chic and Unique on Thursday 16th of July which means my last post here will be on Wednesday 15th of July.


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Guess who has labels??!

From now on any item i make will have one of these on them











I think they turned out really well and i am so glad I ordered them from Mommie Made it on etsy.  Her turnaround time was excellent, very prompt  🙂

I got to use my Ship and Shop  which is service provided by Aramex ( as i wanted them to arrive this century) their service was great too these actually arrived a week ago on the 20th but as i was away i only managed to pick them up this morning.

I hope you all have a wonderful day 🙂

 Please visit me at my new site Sew Chic and Unique i will continue to post here until the 15th of July 2009

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I’m Back

I just got back from a week away to busy Dubai and i am knackered.

I think i need a break from the break lol ( I missed sewing so much and really wished that i had my machine at times, i am so glad to be back and cant wait to get some time to sew)

 No serisously going away with young ones is no joke. Hadeel was not so bad but Dania was a whole different story. She would not eat much and if she did then it would be very little of it. Her routine got messed up she would nap late in the evening which meant staying up late, and that meant no sleep for me oh plus the waking up in the middle of the night hmmm need i go on?

All in all i had fun and got to spend some time with my family.Whilst there i got to meet a bloggy friend Grace who lives in Dubai ( will tell you about her in another post)

I couldnt be in Dubai and not go to IKEA. They have a part sale at the moment which will last up to the 1st of August 2009.

I bought some fabric of course and have projects already lined up for them. I had planned on buying my cutting table and expedit desk but i forgot that we had the girls lol and because of that we didnt have enough space to bring the things back to Oman.

Good news is that J000 aka as my husband might be going back to Dubai and will pass by IKEA to buy them from me ( this is what i mean my supportive – thanks hon)

That is all for now just wanted to give you a quick update

 Cheers 🙂

PS. I have now moved to Sew Chic and Unique and will only post here until the 15 of July 2009.

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A couple of months ago i posted Sewing supplies i want and i thought the only way i would get my hands on them is if i ordered them online. That is until Isra from Sew2bhappy and Laila  from Time for tea informed me that there is a shop in Dubai where i could buy them from.

So naturally i had to check them out and boy am i glad i did 😀

The shop is called Classic Quilts  and it is owned by Marla Ramakrishnan and her husband Shankar Ramakrishnan. Their shop is a sewing haven i could have spent hours there (had it not been for hubby and the girls waiting for me in the car) as they had everything that a sewist would need.

They are i believe the only shop in GCC that i know of that sell quilters sewing supplies. Although its a shop dedicated for quilters however, they sell fabrics imported from the US, all kinds of sewing notions and supplies ( rotary cutters, omingrid ruler, fabric markers,) i mean you name it they have got it.

They also are the dealers for Bernina sewing machines which is like the mercedes of machines lol.

I would have loved to meet Marla but she was out when i arrived so i I met her husband Shankar who was very welcoming and I was given a tour of thier shop.

Their prices were reasonable and i left with a big smile on my face as i had just bought an omnigrid ruler 6 1/2 inch x 24, an olfa rotary cutter 45mm, a fabric marker and a cutting mad 24 x 36 inces 😀 I probably would have bought more things but i needed to save up for IKEA LOL

The good news that they are planning to open up shop in Oman some time next year which is great!  They also have a representative in Oman and you place an order through her (will share the contact info as soon as i get it) at get this the same prices.

Thanks Isra and Laila for letting me know about Classic Quilts 😀

*I have now moved to Sew Chic and Unique but will continue to post here until 15th of July 2009*

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Dont miss it, this is your chance to buy unique items such as my purse organisers  and meet intresting women who run a business from home.
I will be there selling the organisers so please stop by and say HI, i would love to meet you all.
Bring you kids to join in the fun, my girls will surely enjoy it.
I hope to see you there
Mayya aka Mamati
(this post will remain up until after the event  please scroll down for my latest posts)

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Boutique Muscat refered to as BM is an online store started by 3 sisters Hazar, Hanadi and Hadeel Al Zidjali. Thier vision was to sell brands that are not available in Oman. They started operations in May 2008 and promoted thier company on facebook. They are now well known for carrying exclusive and unique items for ladies with exquiste taste. Most of thier products are brands from the US .

 We ladies like to be unique and Boutique Muscat ensures that you are by only having limited stock of each item in order to make you feel special. They also sell a wide variety ranging of shoes, tops to accessories. 

Now for the good news

You can purchase a purse organizer made by yours truly( me) at Boutique Muscat by simply clicking here .

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I confess…

that i have a bag obession! and i blame it on being a woman lol

Women in general love shopping and each woman has a secret obession. This obsession can be based on anything from books, watches, shoes, sunglasses, shoes to phones, rings etc you get my point.

I loooovvve bags i have so many bags in all different sizes and yet i cant get enough of them i am always on the look out for the perfect bag. I just cant help it!

When i was younger i used to smuggle my new bags into my room hiding them from mum. I would start using them and hide them when she came into the room so she wouldnt notice and when she finally did notice i would say “oh ma this is an old bag, i bought it ages ago” lol, wicked arent I? but i wasnt lying lol…Poor mum, if you are reading this i apologise 😦

So there it goes, i have confessed …now its your turn 🙂

What is your weakness?

What do you keep on buying even though you have it?

 What cant you get enough of?

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