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First of all i would like to thank everyone who read my post about helping Hawraa.  I really hope that this messages reaches many and that Hawraa gets the help she needs it to live a life she deserves.


I get asked lots of questions by friends and family such as what am i upto these days? well i have a lot on my plate these days (who doesnt though right?!). So i thought i would let you guys in on what is keeping me busy so you know Mayya is not slacking lol

A few things i am working on


I will be having a forum (you might have noticed the link to forum). I am really excited about this because although we have a couple of established  Omni forums none are crafty. Me being the crafty person that i am decided to have my own forum and share the craftiness 🙂 so i am busy getting the forum set up – I decided on the categories just need to set them up online.


I plan on selling my products online using ecommerce. This is in working progress need to finalise the design with Yonici who is absolutely great, i am really thankful to have her! I hope to be able to finalise this within the next couple of months- will keep you posted!


I plan on introducing new items soon wont tell you what the are yet though, but i promise you it will be Unique! 😉


I plan on hosting a giveaway however, i need to plan what i am going to giveaway LOL so stick around to find out!

Speaking of giveaway i have just won another one which was hosted by Nima!

Oh and as i am feeling lucky i entered another giveaway at Fabric shopper for an apron pattern .  The pattern is by Jamie Christina and its called Pretyy Ditty Apron. Not only is it a great pattern but it also has pattern for kids!





I have a couple of orders for the organisers and business card holders that i need to get started on.


I have promised to make my gifts instead of buying them. A good friend of mine gave birth yesterday to beautiful baby boy so i plan on sewing a gift, have not decided what it is going to be yet.


Another very good friend of mine is due to deliver in September so need to make something for her too.

So yeah, i was not kidding when i said that i have a lot on my plate and this is only half of it lol.

Just a reminder tomorrow will be my last post here 😦 i will be blogging at my new website Sew Chic and Unique


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Mirage from Sew 2 be happy arranged a ladies crafty morning yesterday at her place. I got to meet  Laila from Time for tea and Alia from Coffeebean’s Dailies.

These ladies are crafty they all brought projects that they were currently working on which all happened to  be quilts!  I on the other hand went with nothing lol i just didnt have the time to sew anything  and well i couldnt take a tissue box cover could i?

Oh my those quilts are beautiful,  the thought and details that goes into making one is no joke.

However, the satisfaction of actually completing it and giving it as a gift is precious.  What makes it so special is the fact that it was handmade (of course!) and the sewist had you (the one receiving the quilt) in mind while making it.  Have a look at this gorgeous quilt which was made by Mirage’s sister for her niece.

I took my camera with me but with all the talk, tea and laughs forgot to take pics so promise will do next time.

I took  Hadeel along with me to meet thier kids and she had a great time! I heard all about it on the way back home.

I really had a lovely morning and it was a pleasure meeting these lovely crafty mamas. Thank you ladies for being  such an inspiration and i cant wait for our next meet up.

Check out my new website Sew Chic & Unique as i will no longer be posting here after the 15 th of July

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It has been more than 2 weeks since i have made something until yesterday.

I finally made the tissue box cover which was intended for the last Sew IT tutorial which i missed because i was in Dubai.

This is how mine turned out

Tissue Box Cover

The tutorial was easy to follow however, this was not perfect. I think i need to make a couple more. The good thing is now i dont have to search high and low for a tissue box cover i simply make my own for every room!

The fabric looks familiar?! I used my IKEA fabric which was intended for curtains for my previous craft room.

You can make this and other cute things too by simply joining Sew IT 🙂 and dont forget that i have moved to Sew Chic and Unique

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Sew Mama Sew which i am sure you have heard of, if not head over there now as its a great site filled with lots of projects and how tos.

Last month they hosted a great giveaway which was called the May Giveaway day. Which is where Crafty Mamas would giveaway handcrafted items, or sewing/knitting supplies.

So you basically get to visit and comment and who knows you might just be picked by as the winner. I dont really do it with winning in mind I really enjoy blog hoping because i get to meet other women who sew 🙂

So anyway off i went blog hoping (they were actually great giveaways) and i commented on lots of blogs and this was one of them this is what i said

Who doesnt love a surprise?!
How generous of you to have decided to pick 3 winners (i hope i am one of them

and guess what?

I won!!

I couldnt believe it at first when Lois sent me an email annoucing that i was one of the winners and that she would be sending me a package filled with goodies.

The package arrived on Sunday and this is what i got (excuse the pics my camera has a mind of its own)


Here is a close up (some threads, colourful beads, buttons, zippers)

Thread, beads, buttons

Lovely lace and what i assume is to wrap lace around (kewl huh?!)

Lace and wooden thingy

Funky metallic ric rac, lint brush and embroidery thread

Emboridery thread, ric rac, lint brush

Bag Handles(i am so excited about this as we dont get them here)

Bag Handles

and some beautiful cotton fabric


I am absolutely filled with joy and cant thank Lois enough for this wonderful package filled with goodies. I am really touched by the fact that you also paid for Intl shipping which costs an arm and a leg so thank you, thank you and thank you 🙂

Bloggers love comments so support them by commenting and who knows you might win something someday 🙂

To spread the happiness of wining I have decided to host my own giveaway soon 😀 so stay tuned and be sure to subscribe here so you dont miss it 🙂

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What day is it?

Its Wednesday so it means its Sew IT time 🙂

Sew IT

I thought we would try to move away from things for the home and make something for us, we deserve it 🙂

I am excited about this tutorial because we are going to be learning from the crafiest lady Martha Stewart of course!

This is what we are going to attempt to make

Reversible purse

A reversible bag!

Martha says this is a beginners project, so its perfect for Sew It 🙂

Here is the link with all the information you need and there is even a video to see how its actually done.

Have a look at what Small Fry and Co made from the tutorial and she personliased it too.

Remember once you’ve completed the tutorial:

  • Take a picture of your creation
  • blog about it on your blog (if u have one) featuring my Sew IT button (grab it from my side bar) and linking to me and send me the link.
  • If u dont have a blog send me the picture via email to sewchicandunique [at] gmail [dot] com before Tuesday.

I will feature all creations on feature it wednesday (which is when we show off our creations) i will link up to your blog (and have all the participants creations in one place)

Anyone can join in the fun all you need is your creativity and remember take it a stitch at a time

Happy Sewing and dont forget that i have moved to Sew Chic and Unique

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For Sew It last wednesay i posted a tutorial on how to cover a tissue box so it can finally match the rest of the room 🙂

This is what Nima from Made to treasure made

I unfortunately havent been able to participate this week cause i have been away and didnt manage to sew the tissue box cover 😦 however, I plan on sewing it once i get back – i promise

I have added Nima to my crafty mama list as well as other women who sew in Oman. Check out the list here

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In The Press


For those of you who didnt manage to get a copy of H! newspaper

HI Article p8

Here is the aritcle in pdf format, thanks to Karima who sent ito me exclusively for my blog readers, i told you she was sweet 🙂

Also a big thanks to Yonici the designer who compressed it and  turned it into jpg 🙂

Apparently H! newspaper gets picked up pretty quicly. Lots of people said they didnt manage to get them as most of the places had ran out by midday!!!

Enjoy the article 🙂


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