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Help Hawraa

Hawraa Al Bahri needs our help. This 13 year old girl may not live to celebrate her 14th birthday. Since the age of 6 months old she has been suffering a rare form of sickle cell disease.
She has gone through lots of treatment but nothing seems to be working anymore and she is in lots of pain. She now needs to have a bone marrow transplant operation to save her life. The operation costs approx 100,000 OMR which the family cant afford to pay.


Her parents Moza and Jamal have been in the media asking to help raise 100,000 RO to cover the cost of the operation.  Hawraa needs our help as her time is limited and she day are filled in excruciating pain ( no human deserves to live life that way).

Read the article on page 12 in The Week  

Here are her medical records hawra_report and h_medical

I was touched by the story of Hawraa Al Bahri as a mother i can only imagine what her parents might be going through. It must be horrible to see your child suffer this way. I am sure whatever you donate no matter how small the amount is, it WILL make a difference, it might just save her life.

I pray to Allah to lessens Hawra’s pain and in sha Allah together we can help this girl get the treatment she needs.

I am asking you to please donate what you can to help save this little girl’s life. Your donations can be deposited directly into thier account.

Account Details:

Bank Muscat

Head Office Branch

Jamal Al Bahri

Account number: 0331 023 280 688010

This is her father’s contact number 99340833

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