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Earlier this year i participated in a blog party hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom and whilst blog hoping i came across Sandier Pastures you might remember seeing her blog button in my previous blog daily dose of me.

So Grace and i were really glad we met cause we were so close as she currently lives in Dubai so only 4 hours away as opposed to the majority of the bloggers who were partying who resided in the US of A.

Since then we have become what you call “bloggy friends”. I would check her blog and comment and vice versa. She is also a mum to a loving and might i add smart 5 year old girl Pristine.

Grace like most women needed her handbag organised and ordered a Handbag organiser. Once our Dubai trip was confirmed i told her that it would be a great opportunity to meet up and there would be no shipping charges! So we did and had a blast .

The girls hit it off  here are some pics (taken from her site)


The organiser i made for Grace was different as she requested hers to have a strap and a swivel clip for her keys and this one costs 7 RO


Head over to Grace’s blog and read more about our meet up and see more pics

At the end of the day i had friend who was a happy customer and that’s a great combo 🙂

Please check my new website Sew Chic & Unique because i will moving there from the 15th of July onwards so be sure to bookmark it cause i dont want to lose you


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Remember the business card holder i made for the charity fair?

Business cards with holder

I got approached many times by customers asking me if it was for sale well I couldnt sell them at the time but i am happy to announce that i do now 🙂

Your business cards will thank you for keeping them in such a cute holder 😉 and its a great converstation starter.

The one i made i keep in my bag is very handy and my bus. cards seem very happy in there. I sell them for 3 RO and i can make them in any colour.

I also found it  very useful for cards that you want to keep separate from the rest. For example I have one i where keep Hadeel’s game cards so when we go to the  malls her cards are ready and i dont have to dig into my wallet to get them out.

 Here is one i made for a customer who wanted hers in blue. I added velcro so it would close and i just loved the way it turned out.

Here it is closed

Order Business card holder

and this is how it looks once opened

Order BCH open

I didnt want to have it all in the same fabric so i had this scrap fabric in my stash and it goes beautiful with the black n blue polka dots.

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Ever since i started making the handbag organiser i got lots of ladies asking me if i could make one that would actually close. So i did, this one is for my sister in law.

Velcro Organizer V2

Here is a close up of the sew in velcro 

Velcro close up 

It works with stuff in too….Velcro its good stuff 😉

Testing Velcro

I thought the velcro would be prefect of this because it was the best suited for the job. I had considered the tic-tac button but it would have ended up being a nuiscane due to the fact that its small and would take a few secs to close it. Where as the velcro its easy, you can even do it with your eyes closed.

About a week ago i made one using velcro  i sewed it on the pockets.

I am happy with the outcome, hope my SIL will be too.

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Finally its done, one of my customers wanted velcro on 2 pockets so she can put in small bits and pieces without them falling out, her suggestion was velcro.
She wanted them on 2 pockets (one at each end) and i must say its a great idea for thoes of you who carry little bits and bobs.

Here is how it turned out


   The velcro pocket

VelcroVelcro close

I think it will serve the purpose and hope she likes it.

Handy thing to have right? what do you think?

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This was made for a lady who wanted something UNIQUE 🙂

Its a deep pocket organiser with crystals



She has not seen it yet, i do hope she likes it. She wanted something with stones and when i saw this fabric i thought it would be perfect as i could match up the dots on the fabric with stones and i think it turned out great.  However, i dont think that i will be doing any more work with stones because its time consuming and my time is precious lol

And as well i noticed  because the fabric is kind of stiff and i noticed that the stones dont tend to stick well so i presume with regular use the stones are bound to fall off.

So what do you guys think of it?

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