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Mirage from Sew 2 be happy arranged a ladies crafty morning yesterday at her place. I got to meet  Laila from Time for tea and Alia from Coffeebean’s Dailies.

These ladies are crafty they all brought projects that they were currently working on which all happened to  be quilts!  I on the other hand went with nothing lol i just didnt have the time to sew anything  and well i couldnt take a tissue box cover could i?

Oh my those quilts are beautiful,  the thought and details that goes into making one is no joke.

However, the satisfaction of actually completing it and giving it as a gift is precious.  What makes it so special is the fact that it was handmade (of course!) and the sewist had you (the one receiving the quilt) in mind while making it.  Have a look at this gorgeous quilt which was made by Mirage’s sister for her niece.

I took my camera with me but with all the talk, tea and laughs forgot to take pics so promise will do next time.

I took  Hadeel along with me to meet thier kids and she had a great time! I heard all about it on the way back home.

I really had a lovely morning and it was a pleasure meeting these lovely crafty mamas. Thank you ladies for being  such an inspiration and i cant wait for our next meet up.

Check out my new website Sew Chic & Unique as i will no longer be posting here after the 15 th of July


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I just got back from IKEA very happy with what i purcahsed will tell you all about it after i get a good night’s rest.

I wanted to share with you one of my obessions TUTORIALS i am so glad to know that my habit of collecting sewing/crafting tutorials is normal 😀 I have a folder saved in my favorites and in it are tons of tuts that i plan to work on once i start sewing.

However, these ladies have a page in thier blog dedicated to free tutorials <– Such a great idea!

Check them out:

Elemental Stiches

Meika’s little Treasures

The princess and the monkey

Whip up

Elizabeth Carroll

The Domestic Diva  Pin Cushion tutorials

Everything your Mama made A long list of free tutorials

Bag Tutorials by Lola

Oh Fransoon Tutorials

Thread Catcher by Mellebugandme

I hope you enjoy the tutorials.

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I really want to sew!

For a couple of months now each time  i log onto the internet i sit for hours reading blogs of women who sew and they are soo good at it. Plus they make it look so easy and when it really isnt!

I have enquired if we had any sewing classes in Oman, and i did find a few but they are really far from where i live 😦 . The good thing about me is that when i want something, i want something i will not rest until i get it, so i sent sms to all my friends and family asking if they knew someone or somewhere where i could learn how to sew. And i got several “no sorry, i dont know anyone” but in the end i got what i was looking for. Apparently there is a woman  called Sophia who teaches how to sew and she lives like 10 mins from home *YAY* 😆 She must be good because 4 people have referred me to her and when i called her up she said that she is fully booked until December!! I know its a long wait but i signed up as i have no other choice.

Anyhow I know there are lots of sites that offer you “Sewing basics” but i need to phsyically be taught. However, if you are the type that dont mind learning that way check out JCaroline’s Where to begin? She really breaks it down for you and covers all the imporant points.

For a little inspiration check out my crafty mamas which i will keep updating with more blogs.

EDITED TO ADD: Called up Safia and she informed me that i will be starting in December date to be confirmed by the end of the month. I am soooo excited! I cant wait…

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