It dawned on me when Magnolia one of my readers asked if i could send her the contact info for Aunty S (the lady i used to go for sewing lessons) that i had not covered the basics of using a sewing machine!

I know how could i have forgot to cover blog about such an important topic ? i apologise espcially for thoes who want to join Sew IT and have never sewn before.

I would have liked to make the tutorial myself but that will take a couple of days so i am already late i dont want to prolong it any longer.

Plus i found a great site called Craft & Fabric Links

Craft & Fabric Links

This site is great for novice sewist they have covered everything. They even have a free sewing book just for beginners!

Chapter 5 covers setting up the sewing machine i really advise any beginner to take some time and read through that book as it has helped me when i was just starting and i am sure it will help you too.

Here are other sites which i found useful

How to sew using a sewing machine from Wiki How (with pictures)

How to sew using a sewing machine from Instructables

My machine has become my best friend you can read all about my machine here

I hope you found those links helpful 🙂

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My Niece’s Room

In May i decided to renovate my niece’s room who lives with us. I will refer to her as R. Ever since we moved into the house which was this time last year, i havent really decorated it. I like to take it nice and slow so its one room at a time.

So this is R’s room before

R old room



Her favorite colour is blue and i wanted to add another colour so i decided on chocolate brown. It took me 3 sample of brown until i found the right one!

The room is still under working progess i plan on having a dest in that empty space, a carpet, a mirror, some paintings and pictures on the walls.

Yup, i painted that room too. It took me two days to complete I dont think i will be painting again. Although i enjoy it, is just such hard work and with the kids around its even harder, cause they always want to “help”. The main thing is that R loves her room so mission accomplished.

The next room i plan to attack after my sewing room is the girls room.

I remember one reader asked for me to give explain how i painted the room and i plan on writing a post on that very soon (just wanted to let her know that i havent forgotten) subscribe so you dont miss it 🙂

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Sew Mama Sew which i am sure you have heard of, if not head over there now as its a great site filled with lots of projects and how tos.

Last month they hosted a great giveaway which was called the May Giveaway day. Which is where Crafty Mamas would giveaway handcrafted items, or sewing/knitting supplies.

So you basically get to visit and comment and who knows you might just be picked by as the winner. I dont really do it with winning in mind I really enjoy blog hoping because i get to meet other women who sew 🙂

So anyway off i went blog hoping (they were actually great giveaways) and i commented on lots of blogs and this was one of them this is what i said

Who doesnt love a surprise?!
How generous of you to have decided to pick 3 winners (i hope i am one of them

and guess what?

I won!!

I couldnt believe it at first when Lois sent me an email annoucing that i was one of the winners and that she would be sending me a package filled with goodies.

The package arrived on Sunday and this is what i got (excuse the pics my camera has a mind of its own)


Here is a close up (some threads, colourful beads, buttons, zippers)

Thread, beads, buttons

Lovely lace and what i assume is to wrap lace around (kewl huh?!)

Lace and wooden thingy

Funky metallic ric rac, lint brush and embroidery thread

Emboridery thread, ric rac, lint brush

Bag Handles(i am so excited about this as we dont get them here)

Bag Handles

and some beautiful cotton fabric


I am absolutely filled with joy and cant thank Lois enough for this wonderful package filled with goodies. I am really touched by the fact that you also paid for Intl shipping which costs an arm and a leg so thank you, thank you and thank you 🙂

Bloggers love comments so support them by commenting and who knows you might win something someday 🙂

To spread the happiness of wining I have decided to host my own giveaway soon 😀 so stay tuned and be sure to subscribe here so you dont miss it 🙂

What day is it?

Its Wednesday so it means its Sew IT time 🙂

Sew IT

I thought we would try to move away from things for the home and make something for us, we deserve it 🙂

I am excited about this tutorial because we are going to be learning from the crafiest lady Martha Stewart of course!

This is what we are going to attempt to make

Reversible purse

A reversible bag!

Martha says this is a beginners project, so its perfect for Sew It 🙂

Here is the link with all the information you need and there is even a video to see how its actually done.

Have a look at what Small Fry and Co made from the tutorial and she personliased it too.

Remember once you’ve completed the tutorial:

  • Take a picture of your creation
  • blog about it on your blog (if u have one) featuring my Sew IT button (grab it from my side bar) and linking to me and send me the link.
  • If u dont have a blog send me the picture via email to sewchicandunique [at] gmail [dot] com before Tuesday.

I will feature all creations on feature it wednesday (which is when we show off our creations) i will link up to your blog (and have all the participants creations in one place)

Anyone can join in the fun all you need is your creativity and remember take it a stitch at a time

Happy Sewing and dont forget that i have moved to Sew Chic and Unique

My heart skips a beat, i get all nervous as i walk to my destination, i see them from the distance and finally i have arrived at the fabric section of IKEA.

There they are, beautiful yummy fabric,all stacked up and colourful. I look to my right  and to the left, ohh this one, no, no that one.

J000 is asking me something but i cant hear anything anymore, the kids are calling me but the fabric magnet is stronger. (well acutally only for a few seconds that is lol)

Arghh i am going to go crazy which one should i pick? what can i match it with? what could i use it for? so many to choose from, so little time.

After spending a couple of minutes taking it all and calming down i picked these lovely beauties





I cant wait to cut them up and make something out of them. I have some projects lined up.

You have the right to think that i am totally nuts about feeling this way about fabric. Well some for women its shoes, others its bag well just add fabric to mine, because i am a woman after all 😀

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A nice surprise

This past Saturday on our way back from Dubai we stopped at Pizza Hut for lunch.

Whilst waiting for our order to arrive i decided to browse through the newspapers and found H! so thought i would have a quick read through.

Imagine my surprise when i found this


 Yeah me  and the girls in H! newspaper again 😀

A lovely lady Susanne James from Al Khod sent the following note to the editor

Her Highness Sayyida Mayya Al’s story was inspiring for any young mother who wants to devote more time for her kids and, at the same time, do something that makes her life interesting.

I appreciate Sayyida Mayya’s willingness to quit her career when she realised she had not been able to find as much time as she would like for her little children.

Many mum take such decisions, but the problem with such forced-to-say-at-home mums is that they make no attempt to find a new meaning to their new role. They just sit at home and, as time ticks off, get frustrated that they are not utilising the potential they have. They are resigned to their fate. They sulk. They make their life miserable. they do not try to discover and develop the hidden talent in them.

What i liked about Sayyida Mayya is her practical approach to her life. Her keenness to craft simple things out of mundane material is fascinating. I am glad to know that they are not showcase items conjured up by a bored housewife, but useful things, such as her organiser, for day-to-day life.

I had taken a similar decision two decades ago: I quit my job to look after the kids and husband. I was, unfortunately, not successful in bringing out any latent skills in me, so just sat at home, watching TV and reading books in my free time, which after a while go so boring that you begin to regret your decision to quit your career.

Once your kids grow up, and wouldnt’t require as much of you attention and care as it was when there were small, you feel an emptiness that’s disturbgin and the loneliness will get to your nerves. It will be too late then to get back to your carerr as you will be out of touch and not in demand. Instead, if you make an attempt to give expression to the latent skills in you it will help you enjoy not just the present but the future when kids no more want you as much as they do now.

Bravo, young mum!”

I sincerely thank Ms Susanne James for taking the time to send this and, to H! ‘s editor Mr Prasad Panicker for publishing it.

Ms Susanne James if you ever read this or if anyone knows her personally please ask her to contact me as i would like to give her a free handbag organizer and business card holder as a token on my appreciation.

I am really touched by her words and i thank everyone who sent notes about the article or even if you thought about sending but never got round to it THANK YOU – its the thought that counts 🙂

All this would have never happened had it not been for the great  words of Karima Farid the reporter who did her magic and wrote that wonderful article. Thank you Karima for shining your light on me 🙂

I really do hope that i inspire mums and mums to be to follow thier dream. Its not easy and  trying to achieve your goal alongside being a mum is really hard but life as a whole is not a piece of acke and we have to make the best we can out of it.

Not only did i want to do something that i love, but also wanted to be a role model for my girls. I want Hadeel and Dania to be proud of my accomplishments, to know that if put in hardwork and determination  time it pays off.

Thank you all for your support 🙂

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Guess who has labels??!

From now on any item i make will have one of these on them











I think they turned out really well and i am so glad I ordered them from Mommie Made it on etsy.  Her turnaround time was excellent, very prompt  🙂

I got to use my Ship and Shop  which is service provided by Aramex ( as i wanted them to arrive this century) their service was great too these actually arrived a week ago on the 20th but as i was away i only managed to pick them up this morning.

I hope you all have a wonderful day 🙂

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