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Help Hawraa

Hawraa Al Bahri needs our help. This 13 year old girl may not live to celebrate her 14th birthday. Since the age of 6 months old she has been suffering a rare form of sickle cell disease.
She has gone through lots of treatment but nothing seems to be working anymore and she is in lots of pain. She now needs to have a bone marrow transplant operation to save her life. The operation costs approx 100,000 OMR which the family cant afford to pay.


Her parents Moza and Jamal have been in the media asking to help raise 100,000 RO to cover the cost of the operation.  Hawraa needs our help as her time is limited and she day are filled in excruciating pain ( no human deserves to live life that way).

Read the article on page 12 in The Week  

Here are her medical records hawra_report and h_medical

I was touched by the story of Hawraa Al Bahri as a mother i can only imagine what her parents might be going through. It must be horrible to see your child suffer this way. I am sure whatever you donate no matter how small the amount is, it WILL make a difference, it might just save her life.

I pray to Allah to lessens Hawra’s pain and in sha Allah together we can help this girl get the treatment she needs.

I am asking you to please donate what you can to help save this little girl’s life. Your donations can be deposited directly into thier account.

Account Details:

Bank Muscat

Head Office Branch

Jamal Al Bahri

Account number: 0331 023 280 688010

This is her father’s contact number 99340833

I will be moving to Sew Chic and Unique in 2 days time!


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I have great news for those who frequently shop online.

If you have been reading my blog for a while you know how much i would love to buy sewing supplies from the US and the UK. However i havent yet because of various reasons mostly shipping costs and the fact that it takes 3-4 weeks for stuff to arrive. I asked around English Sabla  you can read all about the discussion here

However, most of you may know this but for thoes who dont Aramex offer a service called shop and ship service. So basically you register and they provide you with 2 addresses one in the UK and the other in the US. You are allocated your own box number and once the items arrive in you box they will be shipped out to you in about a week!!

You will be notified via sms once they arrive and can either collect it from Aramex outlet or have it deliverd to your local mailbox. The shipping charges are are first 0.5 kgs is RO 6.800 and each 0.5 kgs after that is RO 3.300.

There is a list of prohibited items and you will incur 5% tax charges if you exceed $100 ( i think i cant quite remember).

Anyway i personally think its great and suits me fine. I can buy my sewing supplies eg. Omnigrid rulers, designer fabric and susbcribe to sewing magazines.

Aramex currently has a 50% discount upon registering (lifetime member, no renewal fees, etc) So instead of paying RO 13.600 you pay RO 6.800 and are registered within minutes. The offer is vaild until the 19th of June 2009.

This is the info package you get after signing up

Shop and Ship

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Eid Mubarak


Image from Sakkal

Happy Eid to  muslims all over the world, may Allah bless our world with love and kindness, may he bring peace to the countries at war and may he have mercy on thoes who lives he took, AMEEN

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Thank you Hubby

My darling husband created me a header! and together afterI decided exactly what i wanted lol (that took the longest time ehehe) we came up with what you see (above)

Although designing and developing websites are his passions, he is stuck in a job which he hates and doesnt have much time to do what he loves, which is a bummer!

He is still at the learning stage but with his fuel for knowlege and doing something he loves i believe he will do wonders, Thank you Habibi for your love and support and of course the cute header (which incorporates the 2 main colours of my craft room (blue and red), the background is a picture i took of the fabric i bought for the curtains from IKEA and its orginally red and white (wonders of photoshop!)

It is simple and i love it 😉

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The Beginning

As the title says this is the beginning of my blogging journey (not my first i must admit) but this one is different because i have made a pact with myself to be more productive with my time.

I plan on making this my online diary where i share (with thoes intrested) what i learnt. I have various intrests and hobbies and want to spend time learning new skills and blogging about it.  In addition this diary will serve as a reference and a to do list.

I plan to share everything and anything that crosses my mind.. from baking, sewing, parenting, using adobe photoshop to cooking so fasten your seat belts as this is going to be one exciting ride….

Do what you love and love what you do” – Amy Butler

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