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Mirage from Sew 2 be happy arranged a ladies crafty morning yesterday at her place. I got to meet  Laila from Time for tea and Alia from Coffeebean’s Dailies.

These ladies are crafty they all brought projects that they were currently working on which all happened to  be quilts!  I on the other hand went with nothing lol i just didnt have the time to sew anything  and well i couldnt take a tissue box cover could i?

Oh my those quilts are beautiful,  the thought and details that goes into making one is no joke.

However, the satisfaction of actually completing it and giving it as a gift is precious.  What makes it so special is the fact that it was handmade (of course!) and the sewist had you (the one receiving the quilt) in mind while making it.  Have a look at this gorgeous quilt which was made by Mirage’s sister for her niece.

I took my camera with me but with all the talk, tea and laughs forgot to take pics so promise will do next time.

I took  Hadeel along with me to meet thier kids and she had a great time! I heard all about it on the way back home.

I really had a lovely morning and it was a pleasure meeting these lovely crafty mamas. Thank you ladies for being  such an inspiration and i cant wait for our next meet up.

Check out my new website Sew Chic & Unique as i will no longer be posting here after the 15 th of July


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L_Oman this one is for you 🙂

As you asked me for a handbag tutorial i found this and thought it would be perfect for your yumo IKEA fabric 🙂


What do you think? is it cute or is it cute?

Too good to be true right?

Made by Rae is offering the Buttercup Bag pattern FREE on her blog check it out here

Grace Violet got busy sewing and made the bag however she felt the actual size of of bag was too small and made a larger version. Read all about it here

A big thanks to Made by Rae for sharing this fabulous bag tutorial, defintely on my to-do list 😉

Hope you like it L_Oman and if you decide to make this, i would love to see how it turns out.

Happy Sewing 🙂

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Today i finished my first sewing project, a girl’s dress.

The dress is a bit big for my daughter the measurements  i used was a sample dress that was given to me in my sewing class.

It may look good but dont let that decieve you, i messed up the sleeves.



I did not realise when i choose the fabric that it was designed by the talented Sandi Henderson. I had no idea that her fabric was available in Oman. When i asked where she got the fabric the from i was told that Aunty S buys her fabric from Dubai.  I wish i could get more of this kind of fabric to work with i love the designs.

Today Aunty S came to me to see how i was doing and taught me how to make the sleeve, she actually sewed it onto the dress to show me how its down. She is a real darling unlike N1. I wanted to tell her that i am not very happy with N1 but thought that this being my 3rd lesson is not the right time.

I have until the end of the month so i will see how i go and i am still on the look out for a new teacher,i think i’d prefer a one on one. Shimmertje informed me that the Seeb Women Association will being sewing classes next month. I will give them a call this afternoon to find out more about it, will keep you informed.

Let me know what you think of the dress, i have bought some fabric to try and replicate what i did thats if i can remember the orders i was given lol

JUST AN UPDATE: The dress fits my daughter perfectly 🙂

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Amy Butler is my business role model 🙂


Amy Butler is an internationally recognized designer of fabrics, home decor, handbags, sewing patterns & stationery goods and has authored multiple books including Found Style and In Stitches (Chronicle Books). Midwest Modern (STC), a lifestyle inspiration book showcases the creative aesthetic that defines Amy’s brand. She works with her husband and a handful of employees in their Art of the Midwest Studio in the small town of Granville, Ohio.

Source Cotton Patch

Amy and her husband David Butler built thier company Art of the Midwest which is a commercial design studio. They put in years of hardwork and what truly amazed me is that they did it without having to borrow money! They did not take a bank loan they simply started the company with what they had which was not much. However, i believe that patience and loving what you do is what makes you succeed.

Watch this video on msn about how they did it Who needs banks?

Different people have different ideas or concepts as to why someone should start a business. I personally dont think you should start a business if all you can think about is making profit, i dont argue the fact that it is a major factor and a good one at that. I just think that when you start a company you should do it cause you have found something you love to do and dont mind spending the rest of your life doing it.

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