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Handmade Gifts

One of my new year resolutions is to make gifts instead of buying them.

A couple of days ago was my SIL bday Happy Birthday Nami 🙂 and i wanted to give her something i knew she would use and enjoy.

Knowing her bday was approaching i needed to find something to make for her. So when i visited her recenly i noticed that she was reading a book and didnt notice a bookmark so had a *light bulb* moment and thought great a couple of bookmarks would be a great gift. I for one read at least 2 books at the same time and let’s face it you cant have enough bookmarks!

So i found a great bookmark tutorial by Shelley of 7 Lay Studio and got right to it 🙂

Here is what i came up with


this is the back

Bookmarks back

Cute arent they?

I hope she likes them 🙂


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Cute Holders

In my craft room i have hanging cups which i bought from IKEA to store my startionary and crafty stuff.

Here is a picutre of them at the bottom right


So I thought my IKEA holders needed a bit of  a change. So i added some red ribbon around it, made cute ribbon bows and voila! 

This is what they look like now, cute arent they?

Ikea Holders

Here is a close upIkea Holder closeup

I love the way they look now, so cute just makes me smile each time i look at them 🙂

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My mum was cleaning her cupboards at home when she came across some crafty things i did when i was younger.

I did these when i was on summer holiday in the south of France. I remember my mum would sew and for some  odd reason  i was not interested (maybe back then i thought it was not cool). My grandmother would knit (another thing i tried but didnt like much) so i looked for something which i thought was cool LOL.

I made brazilian bracelets



 and some cross stitchingcross-stitch


not much i know but it at least its something. I would make the bracelets for my friends i think they are also called frendship bracelets. These items brought back so many lovely memories. It has been almost 10 years since i have last been to France. My grandmother passed away last year but she was a woman who was very independent and still knitted little cardigans for her great grand children.

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