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First of all i would like to thank everyone who read my post about helping Hawraa.  I really hope that this messages reaches many and that Hawraa gets the help she needs it to live a life she deserves.


I get asked lots of questions by friends and family such as what am i upto these days? well i have a lot on my plate these days (who doesnt though right?!). So i thought i would let you guys in on what is keeping me busy so you know Mayya is not slacking lol

A few things i am working on


I will be having a forum (you might have noticed the link to forum). I am really excited about this because although we have a couple of established  Omni forums none are crafty. Me being the crafty person that i am decided to have my own forum and share the craftiness 🙂 so i am busy getting the forum set up – I decided on the categories just need to set them up online.


I plan on selling my products online using ecommerce. This is in working progress need to finalise the design with Yonici who is absolutely great, i am really thankful to have her! I hope to be able to finalise this within the next couple of months- will keep you posted!


I plan on introducing new items soon wont tell you what the are yet though, but i promise you it will be Unique! 😉


I plan on hosting a giveaway however, i need to plan what i am going to giveaway LOL so stick around to find out!

Speaking of giveaway i have just won another one which was hosted by Nima!

Oh and as i am feeling lucky i entered another giveaway at Fabric shopper for an apron pattern .  The pattern is by Jamie Christina and its called Pretyy Ditty Apron. Not only is it a great pattern but it also has pattern for kids!





I have a couple of orders for the organisers and business card holders that i need to get started on.


I have promised to make my gifts instead of buying them. A good friend of mine gave birth yesterday to beautiful baby boy so i plan on sewing a gift, have not decided what it is going to be yet.


Another very good friend of mine is due to deliver in September so need to make something for her too.

So yeah, i was not kidding when i said that i have a lot on my plate and this is only half of it lol.

Just a reminder tomorrow will be my last post here 😦 i will be blogging at my new website Sew Chic and Unique


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A nice surprise

This past Saturday on our way back from Dubai we stopped at Pizza Hut for lunch.

Whilst waiting for our order to arrive i decided to browse through the newspapers and found H! so thought i would have a quick read through.

Imagine my surprise when i found this


 Yeah me  and the girls in H! newspaper again 😀

A lovely lady Susanne James from Al Khod sent the following note to the editor

Her Highness Sayyida Mayya Al’s story was inspiring for any young mother who wants to devote more time for her kids and, at the same time, do something that makes her life interesting.

I appreciate Sayyida Mayya’s willingness to quit her career when she realised she had not been able to find as much time as she would like for her little children.

Many mum take such decisions, but the problem with such forced-to-say-at-home mums is that they make no attempt to find a new meaning to their new role. They just sit at home and, as time ticks off, get frustrated that they are not utilising the potential they have. They are resigned to their fate. They sulk. They make their life miserable. they do not try to discover and develop the hidden talent in them.

What i liked about Sayyida Mayya is her practical approach to her life. Her keenness to craft simple things out of mundane material is fascinating. I am glad to know that they are not showcase items conjured up by a bored housewife, but useful things, such as her organiser, for day-to-day life.

I had taken a similar decision two decades ago: I quit my job to look after the kids and husband. I was, unfortunately, not successful in bringing out any latent skills in me, so just sat at home, watching TV and reading books in my free time, which after a while go so boring that you begin to regret your decision to quit your career.

Once your kids grow up, and wouldnt’t require as much of you attention and care as it was when there were small, you feel an emptiness that’s disturbgin and the loneliness will get to your nerves. It will be too late then to get back to your carerr as you will be out of touch and not in demand. Instead, if you make an attempt to give expression to the latent skills in you it will help you enjoy not just the present but the future when kids no more want you as much as they do now.

Bravo, young mum!”

I sincerely thank Ms Susanne James for taking the time to send this and, to H! ‘s editor Mr Prasad Panicker for publishing it.

Ms Susanne James if you ever read this or if anyone knows her personally please ask her to contact me as i would like to give her a free handbag organizer and business card holder as a token on my appreciation.

I am really touched by her words and i thank everyone who sent notes about the article or even if you thought about sending but never got round to it THANK YOU – its the thought that counts 🙂

All this would have never happened had it not been for the great  words of Karima Farid the reporter who did her magic and wrote that wonderful article. Thank you Karima for shining your light on me 🙂

I really do hope that i inspire mums and mums to be to follow thier dream. Its not easy and  trying to achieve your goal alongside being a mum is really hard but life as a whole is not a piece of acke and we have to make the best we can out of it.

Not only did i want to do something that i love, but also wanted to be a role model for my girls. I want Hadeel and Dania to be proud of my accomplishments, to know that if put in hardwork and determination  time it pays off.

Thank you all for your support 🙂

Visit me at Sew Chic and Unique as i have moved to a new blog, see you there

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Guess who has labels??!

From now on any item i make will have one of these on them











I think they turned out really well and i am so glad I ordered them from Mommie Made it on etsy.  Her turnaround time was excellent, very prompt  🙂

I got to use my Ship and Shop  which is service provided by Aramex ( as i wanted them to arrive this century) their service was great too these actually arrived a week ago on the 20th but as i was away i only managed to pick them up this morning.

I hope you all have a wonderful day 🙂

 Please visit me at my new site Sew Chic and Unique i will continue to post here until the 15th of July 2009

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In The Press


For those of you who didnt manage to get a copy of H! newspaper

HI Article p8

Here is the aritcle in pdf format, thanks to Karima who sent ito me exclusively for my blog readers, i told you she was sweet 🙂

Also a big thanks to Yonici the designer who compressed it and  turned it into jpg 🙂

Apparently H! newspaper gets picked up pretty quicly. Lots of people said they didnt manage to get them as most of the places had ran out by midday!!!

Enjoy the article 🙂


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Sew Chic & Unique has launched

You can imagine how excited i must be.

The article on Hi! is out today so dont forget to get a copy 🙂

This will be my last post in this blog all my previous posts have been moved to my other blog on Sew Chic & Unique.

See you there 🙂

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I have great news to share with you

i am going to be featured in Hi!

HI! is a  free weekly newspaper which comes out every Friday and can be picked up from various locations in Oman. So make sure you pick one tomorrow to read about ME 🙂

I tried searching for a pic of the newspaper but was unable to get one . However, i did manage to find a picture which contains the english media in Oman (Hi is the 2nd one to your right – above Times of Oman)


 Picture taken from Oman Pocket Guide

I am really excited about this i was approached by Karima who is a reporter for HI she stumbled on pictures of my organisers on facebook , found my blog and has become a regular reader ever since. When she read that i was participating at the Bank Muscat Charity Fair she came to meet me and of course ended up buying an organiser! (they are a must have item )

We instantly clicked and had lots to talk about and laugh about. She is such a sweet person and instantly makes one feel at ease.  Great characteristics of  a successful reporter 🙂

So it came as no surprise when i agreed to be interviewd by Karima. We met a few days back and its confirmed i am going to be the Omani Talent for Hi which is out tomorrow.

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Remember the business card holder i made for the charity fair?

Business cards with holder

I got approached many times by customers asking me if it was for sale well I couldnt sell them at the time but i am happy to announce that i do now 🙂

Your business cards will thank you for keeping them in such a cute holder 😉 and its a great converstation starter.

The one i made i keep in my bag is very handy and my bus. cards seem very happy in there. I sell them for 3 RO and i can make them in any colour.

I also found it  very useful for cards that you want to keep separate from the rest. For example I have one i where keep Hadeel’s game cards so when we go to the  malls her cards are ready and i dont have to dig into my wallet to get them out.

 Here is one i made for a customer who wanted hers in blue. I added velcro so it would close and i just loved the way it turned out.

Here it is closed

Order Business card holder

and this is how it looks once opened

Order BCH open

I didnt want to have it all in the same fabric so i had this scrap fabric in my stash and it goes beautiful with the black n blue polka dots.

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