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Prepare to Sew It

I am aware that for many of you this might be your first time attempting to sew so i thought i should cover the basic essentials needed to actually sew ūüôā

You will need :

A Sewing machine as a beginner i wouldnt advise  buying a sewing machine just yet because lets face it you might not like it so find a friend/relative who has one and borrow it lol

However, if you would like to by your own you can get a good one for approx RO 50. I have seen some at EMax, Carrefour and Salaman stores (who have a sale btw so you might want to check them out). Salman stores should be able to help you find a beginner sewing machine since as they are the dealer for Janome. Janome is a good brand i started on one and my current machine is Janome.

In addition to the machine you will need to buy

Bobbins & Sewing Needles – both are available from Al Hadhrami/ Al Ghafoor

A good Pair of scissors

Dressmaker Scissors –¬† these will be used to cut fabric. You can find these at Al Hadhramy or Al Ghafoor and they cost approx 5 RO

Imporant note: these scissors are to be used only for fabric nothing else (not for paper, plastic etc)

Dressmaker's shears

Small pair of Scissors or thread nippers Рthese come in hand to clip loose threads 

blue-thread-nipper Meausring tape

Ruler – prefarbly with inches as most of the tutorials as in inches

Fabric markersРyou can find only find chalk here and thoes are found in Al Hadramy, Al Ghafoor and lately i noticed they sell them in Lulu hyper market .


Iron – yes you will need an iron handy as this is about to become your best friend ūüôā makes sewing so much easier believe me

Seam Ripper  is used for when you need to re-do something it rips the seams out 

Seam Ripper

Thread (prefarbly that matches the fabric)

Fabric – i recommend cotton fabric as its the easiest to handle and cheap you can get some at Al Zuraiq at 1.200 per meter

Pinswe call them dabous we use them mostly to hold up our scarves. For sewing we would use it to hold fabric in place whilst sewing.

Pin cushion Рthis will help hold your pins upright  which makes it easy to grab them when u need them. ( you can get these again at Al Hadhramy or al Ghfoor)

I think i have covered the essentials please dont be discouraged¬† by the things you need. I assure you that its fun and you are going to be so proud of yourself once you have made something ūüôā


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I found this on Jayas blog and simply had to share it with you.


This is a little insight into the lives of Sewing Mothers all over the world.

This just goes to show its not easy being a mum and have a hobby. My poor Hadeel gets this from me, when i sew its my sanity and i want to sew in peace (if possible)

This is a reminder that our kids need us now and in a couple of years time (which will seem like only yesterday when u look back) they will be independent and wont be calling Mama everything.

So hang in there mothers and take it a stitch at a time ūüôā

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Sew It!

Sorry for the lack of update but Hadeel is on vacation and well let say goodbye to my¬†peaceful mornings! ūüėČ

Now to the topic at hand, you are probably wondering what my title is all about.  Well I love tutorials and have decided to dedicate every wednesday of the week  to share a tutorial and encourage each other to sew.

I have decided to start Sew It 

Is this your idea?

No, i have seen many crafty/sewing blogs who have incorporated this into thier blogs the some calls it Tutorial Tuesday. They simply share a tutorial that they found/created and sewed.

Why did you choose Wednesday?

Well its the end of the week (in Oman that is) and i thought its a good day so you have the weekend to prepare and sew.

How is Sew IT different?

Its different in the sense that we will do this together kind of a sew a long. I will post a tutorial on the first wednesday of the month and we have 1 week to sew it and the 2nd wednesday we share our creations I hope to set up a flickr account so we can share pics of our creations. The 3rd Wednesday i post another tutorial and the 4th Wednesday we share, you get my point.

What will the tutorials be on?

I will choose a tutorial on how to make various things (a bag, something for the home, clothes for kids etc) and they will be taken from the wonderful tutorials that are available online.

What do you aim to achieve through this?

I hope to encourage people to try thier hand at sewing and hopefully build a sewing community.

I understand that not many people might be intersted in this and thats fine, i will start sewing these projects with the hope that i will inspire some of you to sew.

I am really excited about this and really hope that some of you will try your hand at this. If you have any questions please dont hesitate to contact me either by leaving me a comment or via email ūüôā

Stay tuned for the first tutorial of Sew It next Wednesday the 3rd of June 2009

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After many emails back and forth with the designer i am proud to share with you the logo for my company


I feel the chicness and the Uniquness i love the elegance of the black and the pink and blue which represnt hip and young. I think it turned out really well, i am so proud of it¬†ūüôā

Stay tuned for more on Sew Chic & Unique updates

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I have great news for those who frequently shop online.

If you have been reading my blog for a while you know how much i would love to buy sewing supplies from the US and the UK. However i havent yet because of various reasons mostly shipping costs and the fact that it takes 3-4 weeks for stuff to arrive. I asked around English Sabla  you can read all about the discussion here

However, most of you may know this but for thoes who dont Aramex offer a service called shop and ship service. So basically you register and they provide you with 2 addresses one in the UK and the other in the US. You are allocated your own box number and once the items arrive in you box they will be shipped out to you in about a week!!

You will be notified via sms once they arrive and can either collect it from Aramex outlet or have it deliverd to your local mailbox. The shipping charges are are first 0.5 kgs is RO 6.800 and each 0.5 kgs after that is RO 3.300.

There is a list of prohibited items and you will incur 5% tax charges if you exceed $100 ( i think i cant quite remember).

Anyway i personally think its great and suits me fine. I can buy my sewing supplies eg. Omnigrid rulers, designer fabric and susbcribe to sewing magazines.

Aramex currently has a 50% discount upon registering (lifetime member, no renewal fees, etc) So instead of paying RO 13.600 you pay RO 6.800 and are registered within minutes. The offer is vaild until the 19th of June 2009.

This is the info package you get after signing up

Shop and Ship

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Ever since i started making the handbag organiser i got lots of ladies asking me if i could make one that would actually close. So i did, this one is for my sister in law.

Velcro Organizer V2

Here is a close up of the sew in velcro 

Velcro close up 

It works with stuff in too….Velcro its good stuff ūüėČ

Testing Velcro

I thought the velcro would be prefect of this because it was the best suited for the job. I had considered the tic-tac button but it would have ended up being a nuiscane due to the fact that its small and would take a few secs to close it. Where as the velcro its easy, you can even do it with your eyes closed.

About a week ago i made one using velcro  i sewed it on the pockets.

I am happy with the outcome, hope my SIL will be too.

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Arghh am i the only who who wishes we could have more hours in a day? because 24 hours is not enough for me.

I have so many things going on, so many projects waiting to be started and others waiting to be finished. I was talking to my husband about this and he is right that i take on lots of projects, trying to be super woman. What can i do? i love keeping my self busy!

In addition to the above¬† i am currently renovating my niece’s room. I know, I know, but its high time i did her room and she is going to be travelling soon and there is no way i am cleaning out a teenager’s room on my own!

So as i was saying she loves the colour blue and instead of it ending up looking like mine which blue and red as you know, i am having the opposites wall in dark chocolate brown mmm. I started painting and finished the brown walls just the blue walls left.

We bought a day bed and it will be delivered tomorrow, so i better get busy and finish painting.

I have 4 sewing projects that i need to work on

  • Another version of a organiser with velcro
  • Business card holders
  • A tote bag for me
  • A buttercup bag again for me ūüôā

Another thing that is keeping me busy is that i am currently working with a designer on my web page for my company Sew Chic & Unique. So there will be big changes soon and i am so excited and will keep you all posted on the progress.

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