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As most of you know i plan on taking part it Spring Top Week (click on button on the right) organised by Rae and to read my post  about it click here                  

In order to do this i need a pattern for a blouse/ tunic top, and i cant find seem to find a shop that sells them here. Why am i not surprised though?!

i remember long time ago Al Hadhrami used to sell them but when i visited the branch in Al khod the sales rep informed me that they dont stock them anymore because no one was buying them!

Order one by mail you say?!

hmm i would have if we had reliable postal service, but believe you me the postal service here is bad, reallllyy baaaaaaddddd. I could find people to testify to that

So ordering one to be delivered by mail is not an option i am left with online tutorials.

I thought i would find an online easily tutorial for a simple blouse but after days of searching i came to the conclusion are’t any that match what i want.

I dont mean to be picky i know beggars cant be choosers but i would like a blouse/tunic top that has sleeves and is not backless.

Here are some example of what i would like





I sometimes wish i was anywhere but here *sigh* dont get me wrong i love my country but i just get so fustrated when i can get what i want.

If anyone of you know someone who has some patterns, or know where i can get some please, please, please let me know..


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I hear you and feel you sista!

As i am writing this post i am actually wearing jeans and well they are not a perfect fit, far from it actually…hmm lets say its kind of tight.

Which is why i have decided to join Sisterhood of the shrinking jeans


It is run by a group that consists of 5 women and 1 man. Yes a man (thier jeans get tight too you know! lol) and together they share their goals and struggles with the world.

As a community, we offer tips and encouragement to turn the setback into a step forward, again making this so much more than just a weight loss blog.

Above quote taken from thier site

Thier current challenge has just started on the 26th of March which is titled shrink into summer.


So why not join in? you know you want to? the best thing that could happen is that you could actually breath while in your jeans.

In their post today they mentioned doing your workout on Wii fit!


Here is a video review i found on you tube

You can also read reviews here, here , here and here

I know for a fact that they are available in Muscat City Centre ( it is in their monthly promotional flyer currently being distributed) it priced at 55.900 RO

Apparently you can really lose weight check out Wii Mommies


You might also want to check out  We Wii where a husband and wife blog about how they lost weight by working on on Wii fit.

Do you own a WII FIT?  if so what do you think of it?

Is it worth getting one?

I would love to hear your thoughts 🙂

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Now that the party is over i can resume posting regularly lol I never knew that partying coud be so well, addictive. I was on a roll i kept hopping from one blog to another. It was party madness i tell you!

I really enjoyed my self and i would like to take this opportunity to thanks 5 minute for moms and thier sponsors for making it all happen. I got to meet great people with very intresting blogs which i plan on visiting.

Bank Muscat’s Charity Bazzar

I receive an sms saying that the Charity Bazzar has been postedponed to Friday,24 of April 2009. Which is great as it gives memore time to work on the organisers. The venue has now been decided it will be held at the open grounds next to the Omani Women’s Association in Qurum. The Bazzar will start at 5pm and end at 10pm.

Bank Muscat’s objective behind this is to support women who run thier business from home. I personally think its a great idea as it shows that Omani women are support by the community in starting her business and is an incentive to other women to realise thier dream.

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Spring Top Week

Spring top week 27 April to 1 May



is organised by madebyrae. The objective is to make 5 tops (one for each day of the week) you could make more of course but you will have to pick 5 favorites. More info can be found by clicking on the image

Isnt this cool? it just makes you want to sew, i havent made anything for myself yet whats better than making my own top!

I know, i know i have not sewn a top yet which is why i am participating in this. I need a push so i plan to sew 1 top  i mean, whats the worst that could happen?!

I just have to find a pattern preferably a pdf one or an online tutorial. Because we all know we arent going to find one in Oman 😦

So if anyone of you have a tutorial or know where i could find a  pattern please let me know. ( i am off to search for a pattern, this is so exiciting)

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I am partying BIG time 😀

Ultimate Blog Party (UBP) is really a great opportunity to make new cyber friends by visiting thier blog and leaving a comment, just to let them know you were there.

There are so many great blogs out there that i would never have come across if it hadnt been for the UBP.

You really should join the party and look at what other bloggers have to offer and why not, make a few friends on the way?

Here is my Blog Party Invitation as well as the blogs i have visited

Enjoy the Party


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Welcome to my blog Daily Dose of me.

The Ultimate Blog Party is hosted by 5 minutes for mom
Kick off your shoes, have a cup of  tasty Thyme tea (recipe here), relax and enjoy 🙂

My name is Mayya and i am a stay at home mom to 2 girls aged 3 1/2 and 1.





I have recently discovered the joy of sewing and have started selling what i sew.

I love  socialising and loooove the fact that the internet  provides it in the comfort of my own home and blogging it makes the distance closer.

Please leave me a comment and  lead me to your blog 🙂

As i am in the other part of the world Oman to be exact which is in the Middle East (you can read more about it on my About me)


My top 3 prizes would be

INTL 27 — Lifetime Membership to Mom Masterminds
Provided by: Mom Masterminds

INTL 26 — 1 125×125 ad on At Home Mom and a copy of Article Marketing Step by Step

INTL 56 — Free Sponsorship of MomAudience – a brand new marketplace for moms launching April 1 ($250 value)
Provided by: Beverly Coggins of 1-2-3…Get Organized

If the above  prizes are taken then i wouldnt mind INTL 55 , INTL 43 , INTL 60, INTL 69 (as i am starting my online business soon i would love anything that is business related ( free adveritings, business cards, marketing, promoting business), and as a mum of two i love anything related to kids, cooking and running a home)

The objective of the blog party is to meet other bloggers and promote your blog in the process i mean how cool is that?!

The best thing about it all is you can win prizes and anyone can join in (even bloggers on the other side of the world) well all unite to party *WOOOHOOO*

Want to join?!

Read all about it here and you better hurry up the party ends on the 27th of March 09.

 Blogs i have visited  and commented on so far (will keep adding)

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More fabric

In preparation for the Charity Bazar (which i am still waiting for more information on, apparently they might be changing the venue, so once its confirmed i will let you know) i went to buy more fabric 🙂

It was a whole family affair Hadeel, Dania (her first trip to the fabric store) and R my niece joined me.

Hadeel of course had to have her say in the fabrics i choose there just had to be RED her favorite colour! All the fabrics were “very nice or beautiful” just because there was some red in it.

Dania didnt have much say in the matter she was too busy playing with the staff there lol

Anyway this is what i ended up buying

Reds & Blacks


some browns, greens , greys and some more blacks


So with all this fabric it only means one thing, more handbag organisers!!!

Today i plan to sew 25 of them, and i plan to start right away and its now 9am will report back later during the day on how many i have actually done.

I hope you all have a great weekend,

you know what i will be doing SEWING


Sewing Update didnt reach my goal of 25 thanks to my lovely daughters oh well i just have to do my best  🙂

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