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I am busy enough as it is but my days are going to get busier because tomorrow my maid is going on leave for 2 whole months!. I have not found a temp yet and have a feeling its going to be a while before i do. So better get started on FLY. I blogged about it a while back here, in a way its good to be alone and in control of my own house, i know its going to be a lot of work, hope i tone up in the process!!

I will literally have no life lol, i will try to make time for sewing and i will be able to checking my emails. I promise to TRY and blog but dont know how often i will be able to do so.

If you really miss me you can always send me an email on mayya.hamoud [at] gmail.com

I have been tagged on facebook by a friend to answer 25 random things about me so might as well blog about it.

Here we go:

1. Just a few days ago i thought to my self i am glad no one tagged me to answer these questions!!

2. My husband is a better cook than i am

3. I hate waiting for people who are late

4. I didnt realise my that i had a favorite colour until i looked around the room and noticed that everything was purple!

5. Once upon a time i lived with (2 love birds (bugies), 1 parrot, 2 cats (a persian” Bella” and a tabby “Tabby” , and 3 tortoises “James, Tutti and Frutti”. All have died except for the tortoises who have reporduced and are now a total of 11.

6. I only eat minced meat, i once took a bite of a piece of meat that had some fat and that put me off for life!

7. My husband and i finish a whole chicken as i only eat the chicken breast and he eats everything but the breast!

8. The only cheese i eat is Cheddar cheese.

9. I may seem pretty confident when i am around people but deep down i am really shy

10. I like keeping lists of everything (such as a shopping list, a wish list, a to do list, a movie list to watch, things i have to sew list, modifications needed to the house, weekly menu list, you get the point!)

11. At one point in my life i wanted 6 kids!! (thats of course before i was married and had 2 and now think that its more than enough)

12. Upon meeting someone the first thing i notice is their eyes

13. I have a very strong sense of smell

14. I’m allergic to mosquito bites

15. In my teens when all my friends were reading fashion magazines i  used to buy car magazines.

16. This year will mark 10 years of me driving, i am getting old.

17. I am addicted to sewing tutorials!! I cant stop collecting them.

18. Its not easy thinking of these random facts, and why does it have to be 25?!

19. I am the first out of my friend to get married, i was 21.

20. My husband is my best friend

21. I plan on taking interior design and professional sewing course some day

22. I love all animals except dogs, due to a bad experince as a child.

23. I love going to the amusement park, and riding the most daring rides my favorite memory was Alton towers in UK.

24. I have 5 active email accounts and i check them all regularly.

25. I have a photographic memory, i can remember faces (not names).

PHEW, i am glad thats over! Didnt think it would be so hard.


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Laurie who is the lady who manages Tip Junkie featured my tip today 🙂 Its a really great blog with lots of valueable tips covering all aspects of your life.

Thanks Laurie for having my tip on how to roll your underwear on  Tip Junkie Teach me Thursday.

 I now get to use her “i was featured” button (once i’ve figured how to put it in my side bar that is)


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My Pride and Joy

I have been meaning to take professional pictures of my girls for a long time. Finally i got round to dressing the girls up and off we went.

Now Hadeel who is 3 1/2 turned out to be quite the poser and knew how to work it, she was enjoying every minute of it. Dania who just turned one was not giving us many smiles (she saves them only for her dad).

I was really happy with the way the pictures turned out here is one of my favorite ones of the two of them together


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Sew Busy

I am swamped with orders for sewing purse organisers. My darling mum helps me out with the load so its all teamwork 🙂

I started a laptop bag but have not finished it yet so i plan on doing so this week. I have other projects thta i want to work on but cant seem to find the time to do anything these days.  Time just passes us by….

The girls and I have not been feeling well lately like the rest of Oman we are sick with a flu, fever and cough.

Its alright for us adults when we get sick we kind of ride it out. But when KIDS get sick is a whole sad story.

Hadeel is not so bad she is 3 and we can communicate and she takes he medication without too much trouble. But Dania also known as Baby D is the problem she throws up anything and everything that goes into her mouth. Which is hard for me to give her anything let alone medication! So seeing my girls suffer is hard and i hate, hate, hate when they are ill.

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Want yummy cakes?

Then you HAVE to try Butterfly Delights

You may have noticed thier link on my blogroll on your right. I am addicted to thier cakes and i know good cakes!

I love cakes, that is the one thing i can do well ask my dad! The one thing he told my husband when he came to propose he said” Son, i am not too sure about my daughter’s cooking but all i know she can make good cakes!!!” (thanks dad)

So back to the topic at hand Butterfly Delights is about 3 sisters who grew up in a house were anything that came out of the kitchen tasted prefect. Thier mother is THE master chef and her daughters got thier culinary and baking skills from her.

I have tasted most of these cakes and they are DELICIOUS.

Here is one of my favorite cakes

Blonde Nutella – 5.5 OMR

If you like Nutella you will love this cake. This delicious sponge cake is topped with Nutella…YUMMMMYYY


This picture was taken by one of the sisters more  drooling pictures found on thier blog 🙂

To place an order you can either email them at butterflydelights@gmail.com 


call (968) 92272385   

Trust me you wont regret it

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Shhh…its a secret

Just a short post to let you know that i am ok and alive lol

I know i always seem to have an excuse but i am planning something which is sort of life changing well at least it will change my life. Its something i have always wanted to do, tried doing it before but failed due to several reasons (although it didnt work out i learnt a lot from it).
So this thing is taking so much of my time as i am planning it all out, every little detail so bare with me and when the time is right i shall let you all in on the secret.

So wish me luck 🙂

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I know, i know  its been a couple of days since my last post. How about i change my blog address to a rare dose of me, instead of daily dose of me? lol

I have been busy as usual making purse organisers (seems to be the story of my life these days) and looking after my treasures. Dania whom i also refer to sometimes as baby D is walking everywhere. Waits for the opportunity when the gate to the stairs is accidently left open and rushes to climb 🙂

For some of you who have me as your friend on facebook will have noticed that i have been craving red velvet cupcakes with cheese frosting for a while now. I searched for a recipe online and made them last night.


The recipe i used was from Pinch my salt. The only changes i made to the recipe was i added more cocoa and vanilla. This recipe made approx 32 cupcakes 🙂

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