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All is well

because my baby is 1 today !! 

Dear Baby D

Happy Birthday sweetie 🙂

May Allah bless your life with eiman and may you grow up to be just like mummy :p (no, not really ) better than mummy 🙂

love you always and forever, yours Mamati xxx

So I have to make more organizers off i went fabric shopping to Al Zuraiq in Al khod and this is what i bought


i tried to stay away for the red and black fabric but that is thier colour range i bought some pink and browns and some flowers for the girly girsl lol and I found rickrack !!!


They cost 1.200RO per packet and there was a lot to choose from but i picked the ones that go with the fabric i choose. I usually dont even bother going to the emblishment section but today for some reason i did and i am glad 😀


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This year i have challanged my self.

The challange is when an occasion comes up and one has to give presents, instead of going to buy one i shall make one. What is the use of knowing how to sew and not using that skill to make something unique?

My friend just gave birth to a baby girl and i wanted to make her a diaper bag using  Hip Mama diaper bag tutorial. Cute isnt it? The problem i am facing is that i am sure we dont have some of the material needed to make this. Such as water-resistant vinyl,metallic snaps, and Velcro. I know that i could do without it but i think having these makes a difference.

I am still on the lookout  for some sewing supplies. For thoes of you who are wondering where on earth does this woman come from? i am talking about my beloved country Oman.

In addition to the things i want which i blogged about here and the ones listed above i want a zipper foot, a binding foot for the sewing machine, beautiful cotton fabric, different colored fleece, you get the picture there are soo many things i want i could go on and on. So i guess i am really challanging myself cause i want to make something but dont have all the supplies needed 😦

I’ve really had enough of this and i am sure i am not the only one. Sorry for this post ending in a rant but i had to let it out.

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 Yesterday was my sewing class i sewed on a different machine than usual, and wow what a difference a good machine makes. The one i used previously would always trip, was very slow and the stitiches were not neat.
Anyhow i completed my second dress and this time i used fabric from Alexander Henry  called Juicy stripes.

I made an umbrella cut dress with a collar and wide cut sleeves. I enjoyed making this dress it was a challenge but the end result was worth it.

Here is the front of the dress (needs some ironing)



The back of the dress


The collar


 And my model – my daughter 🙂


She liked the dress so much didnt want to take it off lol and kept asking me why I didnt make one for her sister.

 I love the fabric so much i have decided to paint my daughter’s room using this stripes ( will blog more about this soon)

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I went to sewing class but i really thought that the class was going to be canceled due to the heavy rains last night. The girls are much better, slept through the rain.I started making the second dress its nearly finished only the sleeves left.

Sleeves are a bit tricky to sew so i I searched online and found this

Although its japanese the video is self explanatory




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My bad

My bad for not blogging for couple of days. My eldest daughter was not well, she had and still has a very bad cough, she is under medication and the thing is it doesnt seem to be getting any better.

This past week i didnt attend 2 sewing classes because i had to stay home and look after her.

However, i went yesterday and i really find garment construction quite tricky. I have not grasped it yet. I feel after one month of sewing i did not learn learn much. I still can not sew a dress on my own and i will have to stop sewing classes in March for 2 months due to my housemaid leaving and i wont have anyone to look after Baby D 😦 I will still continue sewing, i have lots more sewing organizers to sew lol i made 3 this past week.

I shall be back to blogging more often once my daughter is back to school which is beginning of February. I love having her home but she is a handful Baby 1 is going to be 1 next thursday, she has started to walk and is a mini frankenstien lol as she walks with arms stretched out.

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When my sisters in law found out that i am into sewing, they introduced me to Project Runway.


Picture taken from Pop Curnch

Do any of you watch it?

I do and i love it, i am really not into fashion designing as such but i really love the thrill, passion and creativity this show brings. I am currently watching season 3  however i believe that its on its 5th season i have a feeling this reality show is for the long haul.

Its a bit like American Idol, but its designing clothes instead of singing. In addition there are challenges which decides if they are IN or OUT.

It is hosted by the absolutely gorgeous Heidi Klum.  16 designers are choosen from thousands of applicants.

Each week we watch how these contestants compete to make it to the top 3 that get to show case thier line at Olympus Fashion Week. The challenges consist of creating outfits on a very tight buget, with very little time and sometimes  with very unusal material.

I really enjoy watching the show makes me think i could one day sew like they do lol

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My Girls

Not much happening with me at the moment, my husband is out of town and i miss him terribly. However i think our youngest baby D misses him the most. She is going to turn one at the end of the month.

 She simply adores her father, each time the phone rings, or someone opens the front door she calls out “baba”. She refuses to say mama only baba.

Our eldest didnt ask about him much, she kept herself occupied. But when she spoke to him on the phone a couple of days ago and he mentioned her favorite cartoon charecter strawberry shortcake, thats when she started asking when is baba coming? or she would sing “i am going to get strawberry shortcake la la…..la..la..” lol

My eldest daughter loves crafts, i really hope that she will still be interested when she is old enough to really learn. The other day she came up to me while i was sewing and said “no mama, let me show you how its done”. I dont know why i am paying someone to teach me how to sew when my daughter seems to know how its all done. You sometimes wonder where do kids come up with such things?

I am really amazed at her confidence and ability to grasp things and will try my best to help her keep this up.

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