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I really want to sew!

For a couple of months now each time  i log onto the internet i sit for hours reading blogs of women who sew and they are soo good at it. Plus they make it look so easy and when it really isnt!

I have enquired if we had any sewing classes in Oman, and i did find a few but they are really far from where i live ūüė¶ . The good thing about me is that when i want something, i want something¬†i will not rest until i get it, so i sent sms to all my friends and family asking¬†if they knew someone or somewhere where i could learn how to sew. And i got several “no sorry, i dont know anyone” but in the end i got what i was looking for. Apparently there is a woman¬† called Sophia who teaches how to sew and she lives like 10 mins from home *YAY* ūüėÜ She must be good because 4 people have¬†referred me to her and when i called her up she said that she is fully booked until December!! I know its a long wait but i signed up as i have no other choice.

Anyhow I know there are lots of sites that offer you “Sewing basics” but i need to phsyically be taught. However, if you are the type that dont mind learning that way check out JCaroline’s Where to begin?¬†She really breaks it down for you and covers all the imporant points.

For a little inspiration check out my crafty mamas which i will keep updating with more blogs.

EDITED TO ADD: Called up Safia and she informed me that i will be starting in December date to be confirmed by the end of the month. I am soooo excited! I cant wait…


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My niece R bought herself a wallet and wanted me to add some sparkle to it. The wallet has a design of a butterfly and she just wanted me to add crystals on the wings. The wings already had yellow circles so i thought it would be just the perfect place to add some crystals.

Here is the before

and after

Its not much but she loved it and thats what matters.

This is one thing anyone can do, but it needs patience. A simply way to customize your stuff and its very easy to do.

Tools used

Tweezers – epoxy glue – crystals


– Apply a small amount of glue to where you want the crystals to be placed.

РPick up the crystals using a pair of tweezer and place it on the glue.



– Play around putting the crystals until you are statisfied with a design before you apply the glue.

– It is always best to know beforehand what you are going to do as the epoxy glue tends to dry out quickly.

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also known as Chick pea sauce and it is usualy served as a dip accompanied with lebanese bread or any kind of bread.

I make hummus as a side dish when i serve roast chicen or kebabs. What i like about hummus is that its easy to make, can be served cold or at room temp (doesnt need to be heated) and its delicious.




1 can chickpeas

3 tbs Tahini (seasme oil)

1/2 – 1 lemon juice

1 tbs yoghurt

1 clove of garlic (crushed)

Salt according to taste

Olive Oil


  • Mix all the above¬†ingredients (except for the¬†olive oil)¬†in a blender. After they have been mixed well add the olive oil until you get the desired cosistency.
  • Before serving drizzle some olive oil and sprikle some paprika (optional).

I know that they are different variations around, so please feel free to share your recipe.

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Vinegar anyone?

I think i’m in love, i had no idea that white vinegar could be used for sooooooo many things.

I mean did you know that you could clean your glass shower door with vinegar and bi carb soda?

Just the other day i did a search on google on how to get a sparkly shiny glass without the much hated soap scum. Many websites suggested making a paste of bicarb soda and vinegar and rubbing it on the shower door and rinse off. So i tried that and it really does work….and its enviornmentally friendly and saves you $$$.

I also add 1 cup of vinegar when washing white clothes as it brightens them!

You can buy some at any supermarket and they are relatively cheap compared to cleaning products.

White vinegar can be used for so many things. There is a website dedicated just for that check out Vinegar Tips.

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Bling! Bling!

Or crystalise whatever you would like to call it…I am the type of girl who cant sit still i am always looking for something to do (unless i am online that is).

I love things that shine dont you? and i bling my accessories with crystals when i can.

Here are a few things that i blinged


I started off using super glue but then found this video on You Tube where she uses epoxy glue its video if you want to learn how to bling your gadgets! I hope you find this useful ūüôā ENJOY!


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Joys of Motherhood

Every mother will tell you that her children are the most precious human beings in this world. Personally having my girls is the best thing that ever happened to me. The 9 months of pregnancy, giving birth and holding your baby, your baby¬† is the most wonderul thing a woman will ever experience.Its love at first sight From the first time you lay eyes on¬†this¬†baby¬†you have so much love of this little person whom you’ve just met. Its simply¬†amazing!

Prengancy and giving birth was¬†the easy part…. now comes the hard part. Unfortunately babies dont come with a manual (wouldnt it be great if they did?…i think that a great business idea! dont you? hold on, there is only one problem we dont understand them much…all they do is cry, cry and CRY!!!!)

Where i come from, it is very rare to hear a baby on a routine because thats just insane. A baby is a baby and this is how a cry would be percieved.

Once a baby cries its cause its hungry, so we feed them.¬†And if they still cry after the feed¬†you get the “oh they want to burp“, and if they are still crying then “its because they are still hungry, feed her again”¬†and on and on it goes… I remember when i first told members of my family that i¬†taught my¬†eldest to sleep i kept hearing “you taught her to do¬†¬†what? sleep? are you insane? you must be! we all know babies sleep when they are tired….YEAH RIGHT!”

However, i might not have found a baby manual but i found something that helps us understand them.

Drum roll pls…..Ladies and gentlemen i present to you

The Baby Whisperer Sloves All Your Problems

The Baby Whisperer Sloves All Your Problems

The baby whisperer solves all your problems by Tracy Hogg is a book that every mother should have. It really explains all about babies and stresses the importance of a structured routine. Every baby should be on a routine as it will enable you to understand thier needs.

I bought this book as i was at my wits end with my eldest daughter then 6 months. She would wake up a number of time to breastfeed and i couldnt take it anymore. I needed her to sleep so badly and sleep through the night!! By following the steps and learning to read her cues i came to understand what she was telling me and eventually got her to sleep through the night. AHHHH…..how lovely!

They also have a forum where you ask questions and see that feel better knowing that you are not the only one going through this.

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My eldest daughter was invited to a birthday partyt last weekend and they served these chocolate cupcakes with vanilla forsing and I have been craving for them every since. In addition my niece has been asking me to bake something sweet so to satisfy both our needs i did.


Chocolate Cupcake with Vanilla Frosting

For the cake i used Betty Crocker’s super moist Dark Chocolate Cake mix ( i know i cheated but will try making it from scratch next time) I simply followed the instructions on the cake box.


Basic Vanilla Frosting 

I got the recipe from the net cant remember where from though (will update it once i do find out)

1 1/2 cup icing sugar

1 stick (1/2 cup) butter (room temprature)

1 tsp vanilla essence

2 tbs milk

– Cream the butter, add the sugar and the rest of the ingredients.

Apart from craving these cupcakes i really wanted to bake them so i could try the frosting recipe and see how well i did decorating them.

Here is how they turned out


I would have tried other piping styles but my piping bag burst ūüė¶ i guess it was not very good quality!

Well i thought this was going to be relitavely easy but boy, was i wrong i defintely need more practice and i really admire Shams Desai  who bakes and decorates the most delicious cupcakes check her out on

http://www.flickr.com/people/shamsd btw she is self taught a real inspiration for thoes of us who are just starting out!

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