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see you there ūüôā



Today is the 15th of July and i will no longer be posting on this blog.

Please visit me at my new website

Sew Chic and Unique

See you there ūüôā

Check out thethread catcher  tutorial for Sew it

Busy bee, busy me

First of all i would like to thank everyone who read my post about helping Hawraa.  I really hope that this messages reaches many and that Hawraa gets the help she needs it to live a life she deserves.


I get asked lots of questions by friends and family such as what am i upto these days? well i have a lot on my plate these days (who doesnt though right?!). So i thought i would let you guys in on what is keeping me busy so you know Mayya is not slacking lol

A few things i am working on


I will be having a forum (you might have noticed the link to forum). I am really excited about this because although we have a couple of established¬† Omni forums none are crafty.¬†Me being the crafty¬†person that i am¬†decided to have my own forum and share the craftiness ūüôā so i am busy getting the forum set up –¬†I decided on the categories just need to¬†set them up online.


I plan on selling my products online using ecommerce. This is in working progress need to finalise the design with Yonici who is absolutely great, i am really thankful to have her! I hope to be able to finalise this within the next couple of months- will keep you posted!


I plan on introducing new items soon wont tell you what the are yet though, but i promise you it will be Unique! ūüėČ


I plan on hosting a giveaway however, i need to plan what i am going to giveaway LOL so stick around to find out!

Speaking of giveaway i have just won another one which was hosted by Nima!

Oh and as i am feeling lucky i entered another giveaway at Fabric shopper for an apron pattern .  The pattern is by Jamie Christina and its called Pretyy Ditty Apron. Not only is it a great pattern but it also has pattern for kids!





I have a couple of orders for the organisers and business card holders that i need to get started on.


I have promised to make my gifts instead of buying them. A good friend of mine gave birth yesterday to beautiful baby boy so i plan on sewing a gift, have not decided what it is going to be yet.


Another very good friend of mine is due to deliver in September so need to make something for her too.

So yeah, i was not kidding when i said that i have a lot on my plate and this is only half of it lol.

Just a reminder tomorrow will be my last post here ūüė¶ i will be blogging at my new website Sew Chic and Unique

Help Hawraa

Hawraa Al Bahri needs our help. This 13 year old girl may not live to celebrate her 14th birthday. Since the age of 6 months old she has been suffering a rare form of sickle cell disease.
She has gone through lots of treatment but nothing seems to be working anymore and she is in lots of pain. She now needs to have a bone marrow transplant operation to save her life. The operation costs approx 100,000 OMR which the family cant afford to pay.


Her parents Moza and Jamal have been in the media asking to help raise 100,000 RO to cover the cost of the operation.  Hawraa needs our help as her time is limited and she day are filled in excruciating pain ( no human deserves to live life that way).

Read the article on page 12 in The Week  

Here are her medical records hawra_report and h_medical

I was touched by the story of Hawraa Al Bahri as a mother i can only imagine what her parents might be going through. It must be horrible to see your child suffer this way. I am sure whatever you donate no matter how small the amount is, it WILL make a difference, it might just save her life.

I pray to Allah to¬†lessens Hawra’s pain and in sha Allah together we can help this girl get the treatment she needs.

I am asking you to please donate what you can to help save this little girl’s life. Your donations can be deposited directly into thier account.

Account Details:

Bank Muscat

Head Office Branch

Jamal Al Bahri

Account number: 0331 023 280 688010

This is her father’s contact number 99340833

I will be moving to Sew Chic and Unique in 2 days time!

My love for Books

Apart from sewing another hobby of mine is reading. I love reading just ask my mum and she will tell you how strong my relationship with books is. My earliest memory of reading books is bedtime stories with my mum. She used to read me stories before going to sleep and when i learnt how to read i would read the stories to her.

Through out out my childhood i always had more than one book on my bedside table and sometimes the books would be in several languages!

There are lots of book sites available but one that i particulary like is Goodreads¬†where you can share book recommendations with your friends. You can rate and review the books you read, and search for books ( a bit like amazon) and find what other people have said about the book. I think its great and i love this site! There are crafty books there too LOL. So if you are a bookworm join in and let’s be friends here is my¬†profile¬†so we can recommend great books to one another!

Oh and if you are in Dubai and want a good bookshop head over to Book World by Kinokuniya in Dubai Mall. Its  the biggest bookshop in Dubai and its book heaven! J000 could have easily spent the whole day there had it not been for the kids getting bored and getting up to no good lol

I bought a couple of sewing books there will talk about them in another post.

I plan on getting some sewing done today! I found a tutorial for a diaper pouch. When i take Dania out i dont need to take that much just a couple of diapers and wet wipes. I am excited about sewing this so i can ditch the diaper bag.

I am officially moving to Sew Chic and Unique on Thursday 16th of July which means my last post here will be on Wednesday 15th of July.

Earlier this year i participated in a blog party hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom and whilst blog hoping i came across Sandier Pastures you might remember seeing her blog button in my previous blog daily dose of me.

So Grace and i were really glad we met cause we were so close as she currently lives in Dubai so only 4 hours away as opposed to the majority of the bloggers who were partying who resided in the US of A.

Since then we have become what you call “bloggy friends”. I would check her blog and comment and vice versa. She is also a mum to a loving and might i add smart 5 year old girl Pristine.

Grace like most women needed her handbag organised and ordered a Handbag organiser. Once our Dubai trip was confirmed i told her that it would be a great opportunity to meet up and there would be no shipping charges! So we did and had a blast .

The girls hit it off  here are some pics (taken from her site)


The organiser i made for Grace was different as she requested hers to have a strap and a swivel clip for her keys and this one costs 7 RO


Head over to Grace’s blog and read more about our meet up and see more pics

At the end of the day i had friend who was a happy customer and that’s a great combo ūüôā

Please check my new website Sew Chic & Unique because i will moving there from the 15th of July onwards so be sure to bookmark it cause i dont want to lose you

Mirage from Sew 2 be happy arranged a ladies crafty morning yesterday at her place. I got to meet¬† Laila from Time for tea and Alia from Coffeebean’s Dailies.

These ladies are crafty they all brought projects that they were currently working on which all happened to  be quilts!  I on the other hand went with nothing lol i just didnt have the time to sew anything  and well i couldnt take a tissue box cover could i?

Oh my those quilts are beautiful,  the thought and details that goes into making one is no joke.

However,¬†the satisfaction of actually completing it and giving¬†it as a gift is¬†precious.¬† What makes it so¬†special is the fact that it was handmade (of course!)¬†and the¬†sewist had you (the one receiving the quilt) in mind¬†while making¬†it.¬† Have a look at this gorgeous quilt which was made by Mirage’s sister for her niece.

I took my camera with me but with all the talk, tea and laughs forgot to take pics so promise will do next time.

I took  Hadeel along with me to meet thier kids and she had a great time! I heard all about it on the way back home.

I really had a lovely morning and it was a pleasure meeting these lovely crafty mamas. Thank you ladies for being  such an inspiration and i cant wait for our next meet up.

Check out my new website Sew Chic & Unique as i will no longer be posting here after the 15 th of July

It has been more than 2 weeks since i have made something until yesterday.

I finally made the tissue box cover which was intended for the last Sew IT tutorial which i missed because i was in Dubai.

This is how mine turned out

Tissue Box Cover

The tutorial was easy to follow however, this was not perfect. I think i need to make a couple more. The good thing is now i dont have to search high and low for a tissue box cover i simply make my own for every room!

The fabric looks familiar?! I used my IKEA fabric which was intended for curtains for my previous craft room.

You can make this and other cute things too by simply joining Sew IT ūüôā and dont forget that i have moved to Sew Chic and Unique